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October 1st, 2023 Session


This session continues with the two-ball drills from session IV. The finishing series emphasizes "Pocket Explode into Speed Stop Replace" and includes an extended finish. New speed stop techniques are taught for midrange shots. The airborne footwork continues in this session's 3 PT range.

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Additional Info

St. Bernard’s School

1593 Norwich-New London Turnpike

Uncasville, CT 06382

11:30AM - 1:00PM

Ball Handling

  • Players will work through a series of drills utilizing med balls, tennis balls, basketballs and cones to develop strong ball handling techniques to translate on the floor.

Pocket Foundation

  • Players will learn and develop a pocket dribble, which will be a foundational in our training, This will then build to a Pocket Drop, which is a foundational piece of our training. The Pocket and the Pocket Drop will be the foundation to building upon numerous other skills within our training.

Finishing Series

  • Players will learn and work on a variety of finishing moves at the basket. Players will learn to finish with both hands in numerous ways which will translate to in game situations.


  • Players will develop their midrange game on the move and stationary. They will develop a 1-2 step as well airborne mechanics to shoot multiple ways. This will build into shooting moves off the dribbles. Players will develop their moves to read what the defender is giving them and create space for shots off the dribble.

3PT Range

  • Players will work on developing their range both stationary and on the move. Players will be put in competitive shooting drills to game like fatigue and pressure situations to prepare them for in game situations.

Our goal is always to develop the complete player. Through our build up series we will work on building up a players strengths, while also working on minimizing their weaknesses.